Active Projects

2017 - 2018

Boat Harbour

Nova Scotia Lands Inc. has been entrusted, by the Nova Scotia Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, with project management responsibilities for the planning and implementation of remedial activities at Boat Harbour.

Read the Boat Harbour Page for Updates.

Past Projects


Kennetcook Wastewater Treatment

In 2008 and 2009, Elmworth Energy Corp. completed oil and gas exploratory activities at five well sites, hydraulically fractured three of these wells and constrcuted two open storage ponds. With the financial restructuring of Elmworth underway, funding has been negotiated for the abandonment of the five oil and gas wells, treatment and disposal of the remaining wastewater being held in two storage ponds in Kennetcook and a third storage facility at Debert, decommissioning of the emptied storage lagoons and reclamation of the various sites.

The provincial Crown corporation Nova Scotia Lands Inc. (NSLI) will oversee the work program. NSLI have negotiated an agreement with Envirosystems, who were previously involved in the remediation activities. The wastewater treatment plan will include mechanical filtration, reverse osmosis, evaporation and disposal of solid material within the lagoons. The work program is designed to meet the Canadian Council of Environment Minister guidelines along with provincial environmental guidelines. Other than one of the well sites located on Crown land, the other sites are on privately owned land. NSLI has contacted each land owner and is in the process of finalizing site access agreements to allow remediation work to begin almost immediately. It is planned to have one of the holding ponds dewatered by the end of this calendar year. The second holding pond will be decommissioned in the spring of 2017. It is also presently planned to have the abandonment of the five wells completed prior to the end of the calendar year

2013 - 2014

MV Miner, Scatarie Island, N.S.

The MV Miner was a bulk carrier that was in service on the Great Lakes from 1966 until it was decommissioned in 2009. On September 20, 2011, while being hauled to a scrap yard in Turkey, it broke free and ran aground on Scatarie Island, a provincial wildlife management area off the coastal village of Main-a-Dieu.

NS Lands was placed in charge of the disposal of the derelict vessel and awarded a disposal tender to RJ MacIsaac Construction Ltd. of Antigonish. Over nearly a two year period the vessel was demolished using hydraulic shears, torch cutting, and diamond cable cutting.

The final piece of equipment left Scatarie Island on November 21, 2015. The community of Main-a-Dieu celebrated the final stages of the cleanup on Saturday, November 28. The entire cleanup was completed without any environmental incidents and the island was left in its original pristine condition. A sample of photos from the cleanup are posted below.

Bowater Site Assessment and Management

Nova Scotia Lands managed activities at the former Bowater Mersey Paper Company in Brooklyn through 2013 and will continue to be busy at the site in 2014. Throughout the windup of the former paper mill, NS Lands have managed many daily activities including site maintenance, security, and organization and protection of assets.

To further the position of Brooklyn site as a commercial park and Innovacorp Demonstration Center, NS Lands have completed or have been involved with several significant projects including:

  • Electrical service refeeds with several new service points, and a large scale reconfiguration of existing electrical services and transformers.
  • Hazardous materials assessment and subsequent cleanup of 40 tonnes of asbestos and other controlled substances including PCB light ballast
  • Modernization of water and sewer lines and reconfiguration to meet needs of the new site.
  • Updating and adapting the steam supply system from Brooklyn Power to the site, including new supply piping from Brooklyn Power and re-feed of piping to various site buildings.
  • Modifying the fire alarm and fire protection services for the site.
  • Carrying out wharf assessment to determine condition and repairs necessary for future usage.
  • Tendering for wharf repairs (recently closed)
  • Tendering for demolition of redundant buildings and sale of various assets (recently closed).

Nova Scotia Lands have also managed the identification and gathering of site artifacts which have been passed to the Queens County Museum, the Nova Scotia Archives and to the Museum of Industry.

Pictou Wharf, N.S.

In 2013, Nova Scotia Lands undertook the restoration and renovation of the provincially owned wharf in the town of Pictou. NS Lands awarded the Request for Proposal to Higgins Construction. The work on the site included;

  • Restoration of 600V/400A electrical service with wharf front services.
  • Two navigation light standards.
  • In ground cabling and conduit.
  • Electrical service and utilities building.
  • New 2' stainless steel air supply lines from utility building to wharf front at both ends.
  • Restoration of municipal water supply from street through site to two flush mounted box hydrants at either end of wharf front. This was completed with all new materials.
  • Installed four 30 foot light standards with multidirectional 750 watt flood lamps.

Nova Scotia Lands are currently reviewing potential operational options for best usage of the wharf in 2014 and subsequent years.


New Glasgow High School

The New Glasgow Junior High school at Albert and Lorne Streets in New Glasgow has been demolished to make room for a new primary to grade 8 facility. The old school complex had three buildings connected by pedways and included a former junior high, high school, with an annex. Prior to demolition NS Lands managed the disposal of regulated wastes. This project included approximately 5000 tonnes of asbestos. Also included in the disposal plan were mercury switches, pcb based lighting ballasts, nuclear waste in the form of fire detectors and waste oil. The disposal of these materials was completed in a timely manner (four weeks) with strict adherence to Health & Safety Labour standards as well as stringent Environmental protection protocols.

Start date: Nov. 19, 2012.
Finish date: Dec. 18, 2012.

MAID Brook Remediation

The MAID site is known to contribute leachate to the former Coke Oven Brook. Within the upper section of the Coke Oven Brook, groundwater that originates from the MAID site and surface water from dry waste have contributed to iron precipitate deposit, staining, and discoloration within the fromer channel. The neighbouring landfill site (upgradient) continues to produce an identified "deep leachate" which, in combination with other factors, had negatively zaffected surface water quality and the aesthetics in the Coke Ovens Brook. The negative impact appears to be promarily aesthetic in nature and is resulting in iron staining in the now remediated Coke Oven Brook.

Studies specific to the MAID deep leachate, and the Phase II ESA previously identified the westward migration of the MAID leachate (JDAC 2001).

A number of recent sutides have characterized the deep leachate and its interactions with the local environment. Through a study previously completed, it has been recommended that the existing brook flow path should have the sediment removed and treated/disposed, with an estimated $350,000.00 price tag.

The approach NSLI undertook was the manipulation of the surface water through a Slag Leach Bed in an open slag lined channel acting as a contact bed. The process is based primarily on the science of pH and oxygen levels adjustment and the resultant effects on the solubility of dissolved metals, primarily iron and manganese.