MAID Brook Remediation

The MAID site is known to contribute leachate to the former Coke Oven Brook. Within the upper section of the Coke Oven Brook, groundwater that originates from the MAID site and surface water from dry waste have contributed to iron precipitate deposit, staining, and discoloration within the fromer channel. The neighbouring landfill site (upgradient) continues to produce an identified "deep leachate" which, in combination with other factors, had negatively zaffected surface water quality and the aesthetics in the Coke Ovens Brook. The negative impact appears to be promarily aesthetic in nature and is resulting in iron staining in the now remediated Coke Oven Brook.

Studies specific to the MAID deep leachate, and the Phase II ESA previously identified the westward migration of the MAID leachate (JDAC 2001).

A number of recent sutides have characterized the deep leachate and its interactions with the local environment. Through a study previously completed, it has been recommended that the existing brook flow path should have the sediment removed and treated/disposed, with an estimated $350,000.00 price tag.

The approach NSLI undertook was the manipulation of the surface water through a Slag Leach Bed in an open slag lined channel acting as a contact bed. The process is based primarily on the science of pH and oxygen levels adjustment and the resultant effects on the solubility of dissolved metals, primarily iron and manganese.