Former RDM Landfill in Harrietsfield

In May 2018, the Nova Scotia Lands Environmental Analysis & Remediation team was asked to manage the assessment and future remediation of the former RDM Landfill Site in Harrietsfield. Consulting firm AECOM was hired to complete a site assessment to inform a preliminary design complete with a Class ā€˜Dā€™ Estimate for remediation of the site.

The site will be remediated by removing leachate (run-off liquid) from the existing landfill cell and installing a better cap to prevent leachate from building up in the cell again. The buildings onsite will be deconstructed and the materials recycled where possible, or disposed of safely. The newly capped landfill will be covered with a synthetic turf surface and fenced to prevent potential damage from motorized vehicles.

Work on the site is expected to be completed by June 2021. Long-term monitoring will be in place on the site for up to 25 years.