Harbourside Commercial Park News



The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board purchased the former TP2 building located on Ferry Street in April 2014. The building was constructed and used during the remediation of the Tar Ponds site. The CB-VRSB will be converting the building into a central bus maintenance facility for their entire fleet. The building will also be the home of the school board Building Maintenance and Repair staff. We would like to welcome our new owners to Harbourside Commercial Park!


OHP Opening | Horizon Achievement

Grand Opening of Open Hearth Park

Labour Day weekend saw the grand opening of Open Hearth Park. The event called Stronger Then Steel featured three days of concerts, gourmet food, a Mi'kmaq village, a steel workers parade and a giant fireworks display. Thousands turned out to see the talent and to socialize. Many of the attendees were former steel plant workers and the event was a chance to catch up on old times and appreciate the beauty of the park. Open Hearth Park is located next to Harbourside Commercial Park. The park will be owned and managed by Harbourside. Open Hearth Park will include a multi-use sports field with synthetic turf, a commons area with outdoor concert venue and skating area, a playground, a bike park, a dog park, and a trail network with bridges connecting downtown Sydney with the communities of Whitney Pier, Ashby and the North End. Beautiful artwork has been created for the park by local artists. The former Coke Ovens site will be converted to a green space with road infrastructure for light industrial use.

Horizon Achievement Centre Receives Land at Harbourside

The Horizon Achievement Centre is a vocational training and employment service centre for adults living with mental disabilities and those facing multiple barriers to employment. To help Horizon grow its operation and reach more people in need, the province purchased 5.5 acres of land within the Harbourside Commercial Park and officially transferred it today, July 9, to the organization. Premier Darrell Dexter was on hand to unveil a sign at the future site.

The Horizon Achievement Centre provides valuable workforce training for Nova Scotians with disabilities is getting the space it needs to expand and continue its good work. Over the past 25 years the non-profit organization has had great success fostering and promoting the independence of its clients, so much so that it has outgrown its existing three facilities in Sydney.

"It’s important for Nova Scotians living with disabilities to have the supports they need to live more independently,” said Premier Dexter. "Horizon is an incredible organization that is providing that support for people and families in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. “This additional space gives Horizon the opportunity to continue to grow so it can help even more Nova Scotians live independent and fulfilling lives." Horizon currently helps about 200 people across CBRM and has a wait list of more than 50.

“Today is the culmination of years of hard work by everyone involved in the first phase of the Beyond the Horizon building project,” said Carol Pendergast, executive director of Horizon. “Now that we have secured this property, we can concentrate on building a new multifaceted facility that will allow us to expand our programs, further develop partnerships, increase our presence in the community and address the growing wait list.”

The province invested $123,750 to purchase the land from the business park. “We truly appreciate the efforts of our local MLA, Gordie Gosse, who has always supported the Horizon Achievement Centre and its role in this community,” said Ms. Pendergast. “Thank you as well to the management team of Nova Scotia Lands and Habourside Commercial Park, and the Department of Community Services for believing in our vision.”


Source Atlantic

Source Atlantic is a premier Canadian supplier of industrial and commercial equipment and supplies. The company opened its doors for business at Harbourside Commercial Park on June 5th. With a wide selection of products, a well trained and courteous staff and a great location, initial indications are that this will be a very busy supplier. Keep an eye open for the official Grand Opening yet to be scheduled.

The final piece of equipment left Scatarie Island on November 21, 2015. The community of Main-a-Dieu celebrated the final stages of the cleanup on Saturday, November 28. The entire cleanup was completed without any environmental incidents and the island was left in its original pristine condition. A sample of photos from the cleanup are posted below.


Sports Field Opening

Another new addition to the park is a regulation size soccer field and running track. Basketball and tennis courts with lighting have also been built and a former gate connecting Whitney Pier to the park has been reopened, allowing sports enthusiasts to enjoy the new amenities.

"Harbourside Park's recent infrastructure milestones will continue to attract businesses to the area, creating good jobs and growing the economy," said MLA Gordie Gosse, on behalf of Bill Estabrooks, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. "The revitalization of the former industrial site will have a lasting impact on the community."

Another new addition to the park is a regulation size soccer field and running track. Basketball and tennis courts with lighting have also been built and a former gate connecting Whitney Pier to the park has been reopened, allowing sports enthusiasts to enjoy connecting Whitney Pier to the park has reopened, allowing sports enthusiasts to enjoy the new amenities.

Office space at Harbourside Commercial Park is at full capacity. The 14 businesses employ 142 full-time and 20 part-time employees.

The regulation size soccer field and ¼ mile running track commenced construction in the fall of 2008, with drainage infrastructure and grading/topsoil material placed by late December 2008. Work since resumed with the final shaping and seeding of the playing field and the construction of the running track. Regulation basketball court and tennis court with lighting have been constructed as well.

A parking lot is in place, there are two sets of bleachers, and benches adjacent to the track. The former #5 Gate connecting to Whitney Pier has been reopened allowing for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. As each facet of this facility has been completed there have been local active enthusiasts availing themselves of the amenities it has to offer. The facility is a cornerstone for Harbourside Commercial Park, open to those within the Park and all district recreational users.


Provincial Energy Venture

Provincial Energy Ventures (PEV) is currently unloading shipments of Indonesian coal at their terminal on the former Sysco dock. Ships are unloading the coal onto the dock where is it being stockpiled to a height of nine to twelve meters. The initial order of coal is for 250,000 tonnes and may increase up to 400,000 tonnes. The coal is being transshipped to a power company in the United States. Strict environmental controls are in place to ensure that the coal does not create any dust problems. A series of mist towers and water cannons are used to control dust from the piles. An automated computer system monitors wind speeds, direction, strength of the sun, humidity, and rainfall in order to determine how often it is necessary to water the coal to ensure it remains damp.



Protocase Custom Enclosures, a designer and manufacturer of custom metal enclosures for the electronics industry had its' official opening. The new head office and manufacturing facilities for this innovative local company is located in Harbourside Commercial Park. See Cape Breton Post article.