About Open Hearth Park

Media Advisory
Nova Scotia Lands Inc.

January 19, 2021: Trails at the Open Hearth Park in Sydney are now open after dusk as lights for the pathways are now in operation again.

Earlier in January the trails were closed after dusk due to safety concerns. A temporary repair has been installed to allow the lights to come back on and staff are sourcing a permanent fix to ensure the long-term integrity of the system.

Open Hearth Park is located in Harbourside Commercial Park in the city of Sydney, Nova Scotia. The park was designed as a park facility for people of all ages. Paved pathways wind through the park providing excellent areas for recreational walking. For runners and bikers the park offers a variety of trails that can serve as training facility where organized runs could be hosted. Natural open spaces provide areas of recreation for families and sports enthusiasts. Explore the features of Open Hearth Park and plan a day trip! The park is open from dawn till dusk.